Upcoming Events

Black Flag
Sun Jan 19 at 7:00 PM, $15 - $60

Venue Information

Gate 19, located at 3001 Knoxville Center Dr., encompasses a 12,180 sq. ft. live performance and concert space at the Knoxville Center Mall. The venue cap is approximately 1000, including first class and economy cabin offerings.

Our goal is to create a new destination for Knoxville, offering a large room feel, with a diverse set of live performances, including EDM/dance nights, Rock, Metal, R&B & Hip Hop. We will have regular bookings via partners like Disco Donnie Presents, WRLD Entertainment out of Tallahassee as well as Atlanta based Filthy Nasty Presents. The recently renovated space has a capacity of approximately 1000 and features a brand new sound, light and video package as well as VIP areas that can provide seating for up to 70 guests.