Technical Specifications


PA System
(4) dB T12 – High/Mid
(2) dB S30 – Sub
(2) JBL PRX815 – Sidefill High/Mid
(2) JBL PRX818XLF – Sidefill Sub

(8) EV ZLX-15P

Audio Console
(1) Midas M32LIVE – Main
(1) Midas M32R – Monitors/Backup
(1) Midas DL32 – Stagebox

(1) Shure Beta 91
(1) Shure Beta 52a
(8) Shure SM58
(8) Shure SM57
(4) Shure SM81
(2) Sennheiser e609
(8) Sennheiser e604

Direct Boxes
(8) Klark Teknik DI 10A Pro


Lighting Package – Installed
(6) Elation Platinum Beam 5R
(4) PixelRange Pix120 – Upstage
(4) PixelRange Pix120 – Downstage

Lighting Package – Ground
(6) Elation Platinum Beam 5R
(6) Martin Mac 101 Wash
(6) Robe Robin 100 Wash

Lighting Console & DMX
(1) Avolites Pearl Expert
(4) 5-Pin DMX Lines w/ Elation OPTO


Stage Dimensions
Width: 32’ 6”
Depth: 18’ 3”
Height: 4’
Ceiling: 14’ from stage
Ceiling: 18’ from floor

36’ Steel Blow-Through
Riser: 8’ x 8’ x 6”
Height can be changed.

30’ long x 12’ tall

Stage Power
(3) 100A Services
(3 Phase to be installed)

Front of House
35’ from stage & adjustable up to 45’
(3) 20A Circuits

Additional Load-In & Venue Information

Parking:  There is ample free parking space in front of the venue.

Load In: Next to the main front entrance of the venue. There is a 4ft 5in ramped area to avoid curb wrapped around the rest of the loading area, no other obstructions. It is a flat straight push from there to the stage. There is a ramp up to the stage and the loading doors are 5ft wide and 6ft 11in depth.

No shore power available.

Greenrooms: 1

Showers: 1

Lighting Information: The house fixture installation is patched on one 5-pin DMX line. There are two more separate 5-pin DMX lines that are ran from Stage to FOH for guest lines/ground package. Patch sheet will be attached, most ground package fixtures are not patched and can be taken care of DOS. Audio Information: All audio is patched through a digital snake and stage box. Two separate (unused) RJ-45 CAT 6 lines run from FOH to Stage.

Monitor Location @ Stage Left (8’x8’)

Visuals Information: Two separate CAT 6 lines, one HDMI line and two ILDA lines run from FOH to Stage